VB and C# Coevolution

As we are approaching the release of VS 2010, I have seen a number of questions from customers about our language strategy for VB and C#.  We made a shift in strategy at the beginning of this release cycle and have been talking about it publicly for some time.  A lot of this discussion has…


VS 2010 videos

Check out this new VS 2010 and .NET Fx 4.0 videos page on channel9.  We’re rolling out a set of videos for this week, including Jason Zander’s keynote at Tech Ed in Barcelona, Anders doing q&a on C# 4.0, Lucian on VB 10, and others!  If you’re curious what we’ve been up to since releasing VS…


C# PDC videos

With PDC going on in LA this week, we have a number of new C# videos available: Anders’ PDC talk on The Future of C#, where he describes the work we plan to deliver as part of C# 4.0 in Visual Studio 2010.  There are six demos: Silverlight C#/JavaScript interop improvements using the new dynamic…


Anders Hejlsberg’s "Where are programming languages going?" talk at JAOO

Anders gave a great talk at JAOO last week that I’m watching now, “Where are programming languages going”.  It provide a good overview of where we see programming languages going, and puts some of our current work in context.  Check it out, and feel free to comment here.  If there are interesting questions and comments,…


More JavaScript discussion on Ajaxian

Re: my earlier post on the future of JavaScript, there is another interesting item today on Ajaxian: ECMAScript Edition 4: Brendan Speaks Out. –Scott


The Future of JavaScript

Gabriele Renzi has a good post on the future of JavaScript:  “ECMAScript 4, the fourth system syndrome”.  The concept of a “fourth system syndrome” is a good one, particularly so for programming languages.  For mature programming languages, thoughtful evolution is the rule.  A revolution is best done with an entirely new language, as this serves two…


F# Press Coverage

Soma blogged earlier announcing our intent to productize F#, and we are seeing some press coverage of this: Ars Technica: Microsoft to push functional programming into the mainstream with F# by Ryan Paul BetaNews: Experimental ‘Functional’ Language Emerges from Microsoft Research by Scott M Fulton Dr Dobb’s Journal: F# To Get VS Integration eWeek: Programming Superstars…


Second Life at OOPSLA

There was an interesting session at OOPSLA yesterday called “Second Life: The World’s Biggest Programming Environment” by Jim Purbrick and Mark Lentczner, that covered two main topics. The first part of the talk was mainly about the popularity of LSL (15% of Second Life users write scripts!), and the effort to move LSL to .NET…


Working with MSR Cambridge

I’ve been traveling for the last week or so, first to Microsoft Research in Cambridge, England and then to OOPSLA in Montreal. We have top-notch languages researchers in MSR Cambridge, and this was a good trip to build a deeper relationship with them.  Our Redmond contingent consisted of me, Anders Hejlsberg (C#), Mads Torgersen (C#), Paul Vick…