Source code release for F# compiler and libraries

F# fans will want to check out Don Syme’s post regarding source code releases of F# compiler and libraries.  The release we just did matches the code that shipped with VS 2010.  We hope these kind of releases will be valuable for education, research, and tool development.  It’s also interesting for developers who want “go…


Silverlight and Dynamic Languages

People interested in dynamic languages and Silverlight will definitely want to install Silverlight 4 and check out some new information and samples about using dynamic languages with Silverlight.  Cool stuff! –Scott

Speaking at CapArea .NET

Everywhere I go on this launch your, I’m having a great time connecting with enthusiastic .NET developers.  I had fun last night speaking at the Capital Area .NET User Group. My favorite moment in last night’s talk was where I asked how many people in the audience had ever said “Works on my machine”. The vast…

Speaking at Philly.NET

I had a great time last night at the Phillly .NET as part of our launch tour activities.  I did a whirlwind one-hour tour of VS 2010 followed by an hour of Q&A.  It was a packed house!  Dave Isbitski has a great post with some pictures of the event. Philly.NET is clearly a vibrant developer community. …

VS 2010 for Japanese, German, and French

We’re excited to announce availability of VS 2010 for Japanese, German, and French locales!  Check out this blog post for images of the Japanese version.  –Scott

More VS 2010 Launch Links

Here are some additional launch-related links.  These are for on-demand versions of the launch talks: Bob Muglia’s keynote – Bob Muglia and friends Windows Development – Paul Yuknewicz SharePoint and Office Development – Sam Gazitt Dev & Test Collaboration – Doug Seven Project Management – Sean McBreen Silverlight 4 Launch Keynote – Scott Guthrie –Scott

VS 2010 Launch

Product launches are a lot of fun for us.  We’ve been busy at work on VS 2010 since we released VS 2008 in late 2008.  We and our early adopters are extremely familiar with the feature set, so it’s fun to see a fresh set of reactions and feedback from press, analysts and customers around…

VB and C# Coevolution

As we are approaching the release of VS 2010, I have seen a number of questions from customers about our language strategy for VB and C#.  We made a shift in strategy at the beginning of this release cycle and have been talking about it publicly for some time.  A lot of this discussion has…


Visual Studio 2010 Release Candidate

We’re super-excited to have our VS 2010 Release Candidate out.  Thanks to everyone who gave us great feedback in Beta 1, Beta 2, and the recent CTP’s leading up to this RC release.  We think that everyone will be pleased with the deep work we have been doing on performance, working set size, stress, and…