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I recently switched from managing a large group (VB, VC#, VC++, and Phoenix product units) to working in a staff role for Jason Zander, who is managing a larger group that includes the product units I previously mentioned plus a number of others that Jason mentions in his post.  In my new role, I am working on planning for the next version (and beyond!) for VS Pro and below, which is essentially our traditional dev tools product, which consists of an IDE and a variety of languages, tools, and platform-specific tools.

We are very interested in getting your input for these future versions.  It's our aspiration to build software that developers love, and to do that we need your input.  Many of you have already done so by entering bugs and suggestions on Connect, and these are a great resource for us.  We will be combing through these as part of our planning.  An advantage of posting bugs and suggestions via Connect is that it is easier for us to follow up with you, and for you to check status.  But if blog comments or email work better for you, feel free to do that as well.  The important thing is that we hear from you so that we can build the best product possible.


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  1. Laura Murray (Hutchcroft) says:

    Congrats on the new position!

    GO Paint Branch Panthers.

  2. Jens says:

    First, congratulations.

    Second, are you the one that will finally REALLY look at the Connect bug reports and fix the bugs that lay rotting there ?  At this point I don’t see why I should bother reporting bugs any more as nobody bothers to look at them anyway.  

    Please, please, please, fix your bugs.

  3. mohit says:

    yup, i agree with jens. we need the bugs fixed, as such all i see is being ignored as a customer 🙁

    this is definately right step.

  4. Jens and Mohit, we absolutely will review bugs and suggestions.  VS is a big product with many customers, so I will not *personally* be doing this for every one, but we will definitely have every product unit review every bug and suggestion.  –Scott

  5. Jens says:

    I’d like to believe you, unfortunately we’ve heard this story many times before.

    I don’t expect you to personally be doing this, but I expect someone at MS to make sure that .NET bugs, in VS.NET or in the .NET frmaework get fixed.  Some of them are in there since .NET 1.1 and you’re about to release 3.5.

    I can understand that the spectrum is very large but when I can”t retrieve decimal (38, 20) fields from SQL server because I get an overflow exception since .NET 1.1 (Never tested it in 1.0) it is not only really frustrating to see resources spent on new stuff (which I like by the way), it happens to form a problem when I’m developing and using the old stuff.

    This is just one example, I’m following lots of bugs on Connect in the naive hope that someday actually a bug gets fixed.

    Now, you might say that this is not the responsibility of the VS group, but frankly I don’t care.

    The Connect page is called ‘Visual Studio and .NET framework’, and since you’re in the VS Group and you happen to be listerning at this moment, you’re the one I talk to.  Obviously no-one reads the bugs filed in Connect.

  6. scottwil says:

    Jens, I can’t personally scale ot the # of developers and # of bugs and suggestions on Connect, but I would be happy to take a look at the list of bugs you are following on Connect.  Perhaps you can email me a listt?  Thanks.


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