Bill Gates on Channel9

Bill Gates is featured in a new Channel9 video.  He talks about compatibility, Atlas, Mix, Office 12, his personal Interet usage, philanthropy, future change and more. –Scott


Rusty Miller on test tools and techniques we used to develop VS 2005

Rusty Miller, C# Test Manager, has a really good post on test tools and techniques that we used during the development of VS 2005.  Enjoy!  If this kind of work excites you, you may also be interested in his information about job opportunities on the team. –Scott


Visual Studio servicing information

Check out the Visual Studio servicing information that we recently posted.  Servicing — including service packs and other product updates — is an important part of our product development work.  I hope this addresses questions that customers have related to our servicing model and plans.  If it doesn’t, let us know and we will refine it!…