Meeting with student developers in Slovakia

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I spent this week in England and Slovakia doing some training and meeting customers.  I spent some time with Miroslav Kubovcik, a Developer Evangelist for Microsoft Slovakia, getting to know him and what he does.

We visited some enthusiastic students at Slovak Technical University.  I'm pictured here with Oto Vozar, Richard Vesely, and Marek Tomsa.  All three were using Smartphones that they won in last year's Imagine Cup competition.  Nice!  They were very excited about C# and the forthcoming Visual Studio 2005 Express products, especially Visual C# Express and Visual Web Developer Express.  They had read about LINQ as well, and asked about upcoming CTP's for it.

After the meeting, one of the students emailed Miro, "Všetci traja sme boli z toho stretnutia skutočne nadšení a keď sme o tom rozprávali chalanom z tímu CSIDC bolo na nich vidieť že by sa viac ako radi zúčastnili aj oni :-)"  In English, it's something like, "All three, we were exciting by this meeting. And when we told about it boys from CDIDC team, we can feel, that they would like to meet with you also."

To Oto, Richard, and Marek:  Thanks for taking the time to meet with me.  I enjoyed it, and hope to be back to Slovakia before too long!  I wish you the best of luck in Imagine Cup 2006!


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  1. Slovak students says:

    Hello Scott!

    We were really very excited by the meeting with you and enjoyed it thoroughly, even though there was still much left to ask. We are also very eager to get our hands on the latest Visual Studio Express products and you may rest asured that we’ll put them into good use ;o). Hope to see you again in the future.

    –Microsoft Student Consultants

    Marek Tomša

    Richard Veselý

    Oto Vozár

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