Power Collections for .NET released

Peter Golde, one of the original designers of the C# language, has been working recently on Power Collections for .NET, which is now released.  According to the web site, Power Collections is a "Community Project to Develop the Best Public License Collection Classes for .NET".  The documentation gives a good, quick overview of the functionality.


Comments (8)

  1. damien morton says:

    In what sense is Power Collections a community project, except in the sense that it comes from a member of the wider community?

  2. zzz says:

    So if I create a personal project which uses this and some GPL code and other open source code and somehow it happens to leak to Internet, MS will sue?

  3. Marco Russo says:

    Scott Wiltamuth segnala l’avvenuto rilascio di PowerCollections for .NET 2.0. PowerCollections è il…

  4. barrkel says:

    The license with the PowerCollections library pretty much guarantees I (and probably at least 30% of other people who read the license) that it’ll never be touched. LGPL code is too useful a resource to exclude it in favor of this kind of stuff.

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