MSDN Forums for C#

MSDN has a new web-based threaded discussion system in Beta called Microsoft ForumsJosh Ledgard just blogged about it and included an email he sent to the product team outlining the new features/benefits.  Here are the C#-specific groups:

  • Visual C# IDE.  Questions and discussions on the C# IDE – including IntelliSense, refactoring, code snippets, colorization, bracematching, smart tags, auto-generated code, etc. Re: Visual C# versus V...

  • Visual C# Language.  Issues regarding the C# language and compiler – including things like generics, anonymous methods, etc.

  • Visual C# General.  General open C# issues that don’t fall into any other C# forum category.

plus the debugger, which my team delivers as a shared component:

  • Visual Studio Debugger.  Questions and discussions about debugging applications with the Visual Studio debugger.


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