February 2005 Tech Preview

The Februrary 2005 Community Technical Preview (CTP) has been released.  This CTP includes VS Pro and all of the Express SKU's (VC#, VB, VC++, VJ#, Visual Web Developer).  The CTP releases have less quality assurance than betas, so for people who are more risk-averse, the Beta 1 release is a more conservative option.

We're getting closer and closer to Beta 2, and as a result the quality of interim builds like the CTP release is getting quite high.  For C# developers, I recommend giving the Visual C# Express CTP a try.  Installation is quick and easy, and it runs side-by-side with prior versions of VS.


Comments (2)

  1. The quality on the Pro version is quite high.. I’ve got two programs running on it quite well… But VSS dissapeared. <frown> It was there in the Nov CTP.

  2. Pieter de Bruin says:

    It like them big time. I have installed SQL2005 CTP Feb and VS2005 CTP Feb on the same VPC. They run like a charm. It’s just that the Personal Website Wizard defaults to a SQL Express installation. The regular version of SQL2005 does not like the personal.mdf to attach.

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