Announcing The Office Communications Server Remote Connectivity Analyzer

  Summary:    Following on the heels of success of the Exchange Remote Connectivity Analyzer (created by Shawn McGrath and Brad Hughes), Premal Gandhi (UC Support Escalation Engineer), Matthew Fresoli (Supportability Program Manager) and Jason Stine (Senior Lead Program Manager) have been busy designing and writing a complimentary tool: The Office Communications Server Remote Connectivity…


Additional troubleshooting step when encountering PIC issues w/AOL

  Summary:   America Online (“AOL”) uses Global Server Load Balancing (“GSLB”) to maintain their SIP gateway farm.  Their configuration uses sub VIPs, one for each of their two datacenters.  Whenever AOL performs maintenance (new code, hardware, etc.), they use GSLB to take one datacenter offline while they update it and point all of the SIP…


Federation and/or PIC may fail against partners using 2048-bit signed Root CAs

  Summary:   You may find that OCS 2007 / OCS 2007 R2’s Federation and/or PIC fails against partners who do not support Entrust root certificates signed using a 2048-bit public key.   For example, the “broken” certificate chain may resemble the following:   Edge server’s certificate -> Entrust L1B chain -> Entrust 2048 Root…


OCS 2007 R2 Federation may fail against Lotus Sametime

  Summary: Using Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2, Federation may fail against organizations that are using Lotus Sametime.   Resolution: IBM has a hotfix which addresses this issue within Lotus Sametime.   More Information: Please refer the following IBM support document; Ref #1389588