Office Communicator 2007 hangs on shutdown/logoff – FIXED!





Customers running Office Communicator 2007 + Office 2007:


This issue is fixed by applying the hotfix referenced in KB 961752 (, and although the KB article does not specifcally call out this issue, we are working on both creating a new KB to address this, as well posting this blog entry to increase its visibility.



Customers running Office Communicator 2007 + Office 2003:


Our Office Development Team is moving forward with creating corresponding official hotfix for Office 2003.  Although it’s a bit early to discuss timeframes in terms of when you can expect the public hotfix, we have a private copy of the fixed MSMAPI32.DLL.  If you would like to test this build, please engage Microsoft Customer Support Services via  Premier customers: please leverage your Technical Account Manager to initiate the case creation process.


Comments (20)

  1. Vic Rozumny (ATT) says:

    What up Scott!

    How bout some props for all the hard work I did on this case? haha.

    good to see a fix bro.

    hope you’re doing well.


  2. Hey Vic,

    What up!  Nobody is more psyched than I am that this is finally fixed.  🙂   Good hearing from the fellow Ukrainian, and hope all is well!


  3. Anon says:

    It’s not fixed, it still hangs after the update booooo

  4. All of my other customers running this fix beg to differ.  If this is still unresolved after applying the hotfix, and you’re unable to troubleshoot this issue further, I recommend engaging Microsoft Customer Support Services to lend a hand.

    Scott Oseychik

    p.s. was the "booooo" really necessary?

  5. Chris says:

    Trying to engage support regarding testing the Outlook 2003 is proving somewhat of a challenge. I keep getting bounced to different departments and caller menus.

    We have a user base of 8000 affected users, so we are very keen to test out the fix.

    Is there a specific route I can take through support to reach the relevant group?

  6. Sorry you’re having a difficult time engaging the proper Customer Support group.  The good news is that this fix is included in April Cumulative Update (both for Office 2007 and Office 2003), which is scheduled to release April 28th.  However, if you’re in immediate need, and would like to validate a private build, please contact me directly using the contact form on the blog.

    Hope this helps,

    Scott Oseychik

  7. Fatih says:

    Icouldnt work on my computers.  Office 2007 patch said that incoreect version.

  8. Fatih says:

    We have still same problem.

    nothing changing witg that information.

    I copied MSmapi32.dll from well computer nothing.:(

    also ms patch  dont work with office 2007 sp2

  9. Scott Oseychik says:

    Sorry about the delay in getting back to you.  Reason being, every two weeks, we have a global conference call, with all the Escalation Engineers who also troubleshoot & debug OCS, and I brought this issue up …

    Essentially, I’ve only ever performed the server-side workaround on Windows Server 2003; not on Windows Server 2008.  So I can’t say with 100% certainty that my IIS7 steps are solid.  

    As for the patch being incompatible with Office 2007 SP2, you’re absolutely correct.  I’ll work with my peer Escalation Engineers in Office (who work with the Office QFE Team), and we’ll get this sorted.


    Scott Oseychik

  10. Scott Oseychik says:

    In regards to the patch not being compatible with Office 2007 SP2, here is the subsequent Post-SP2 patch for Outlook:


    Scott Oseychik

  11. Rainer says:

    Hello Scott, do you know if this issue is also fixed by now for Office 2003? We also have the problem that Outlook doesn´t close properly with the described sympthoms.

    Kind regards, Rainer

  12. Hi Rainer,

    If they’re on Outlook 2003, the "Office 2003 Cumulative Update for April 2009" resolves this:

    If they’re on Outlook 2007, this hotfix resolves the issue:


    Scott Oseychik

  13. Joakim says:

    Which hotfix should we install from the "Office 2003 Cumulative Update for April 2009"  to solve the Communicator hanging issue? Couldnt understand which it was.




  14. This one should do the trick:


    Scott Oseychik

  15. Rich says:

    We’re an Outlook 2007 site and continue to have this problem. When applying this hotfix:

    we get a pop up that says: "The update is already installed on the system."

    We have two classes of users – those that regularly get this message and those who do not. There’s speculation that those that get it just shutdown without closing applications but this hasn’t been proven.

    Does anyone else continue to experience this issue?

  16. Raghu says:

    Hi Scott

    I am from Accenture and i am facing the issue with OC  ( OC is hanging Frequently and after that system will go hang ) OC is hanging when tries to open a new chat window please help me on this ..

  17. Hi Raghu,

    Please see:…/communicator-2007-r2-fails-to-open-new-window-when-double-clicking-a-contact.aspx

    If this still does not resolve your issue, I recommend engaging Microsoft Customer Support Services for further assistance.


    Scott Oseychik

  18. Max says:

    Hi, what update should we use if we have outlook 2010 and OCS 2007?


  19. Scott Oseychik says:

    Hi Max,

    The fix that is contained in 961752 is also included in Outlook 2010.  If you're still able to reproduce this issue with Outlook 2010, I recommend engaging Microsoft Customer Support Services (CSS), and having this issue routed to the Unified Communications team.


    Scott Oseychik

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