Office Communicator clients cannot communicate with contacts homed on Yahoo! Messenger Network




Yahooo! will be undergoing an
emergency maintenance from 4:30pm to 4:30am PST. During this period, users will
see intermittent presence issues.  All
other functionality will not be impacted.





After the maintenance window expires, if you find you are still having
issues, please first log out & then back into your Communicator client.


If the issue still reproduces/occurs for you, please restart Edge
Front-End services first.  Allow me to
apologize for this up front; I understand this will require an “emergency
service restart change request” for some of you.


If all this fails to resolve the PIC issue between your LCS/OCS
deployment and Yahoo!, please engage
Microsoft Customer Support Services
Premier customers: please leverage your Technical Account Manager to initiate
the case creation process.


Please be prepared to supply Edge Server logs, remote access via our
EasyAssist applications from MSFT, and we will do our best to investigate and
resolve this in a timely manner.

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  2. bwilson says:

    I’m glad you find enjoyment in your work.

  3. Tim Gruidl says:

    I am trying to allow users with Yahoo Messenger to be able to IM our OCS users but am not having luck. I heard someone mention that you may have to pay Yahoo something.

    any ideas?

  4. This requires your OCS deployment to be provisioned (by Microsoft) for PIC:

    Hope this helps,


  5. dario de castro says:

    we deployed OCS few months ago and it seems to be working. we are able to IM with hotmail and yahoo users. however, with yahoo users it seems to be intermittent. we get the warning error message cannot be delivered because there was no response from the server.

    your thoughts?


  6. The best recommendation I can offer here would be to engage Microsoft Customer Support Services (specifically, the Unified Communications Support Team) to help troubleshoot this further.


    Scott Oseychik

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