Visual Studio Team Developer – Undocumented feature in Unit Testing

During my whirl-wind tour of Whidbey I am taking the ride using VSTD (there is a joke ther somewhere <STD>).  Coming from NUnit / and VS 2003, I was used to dealing with configuration through the configuration file myassembly.dll.config.  Now that I am using the tests from VS and looking at the new System.Configuration…


“You Big Dummy”

Why is it that I like to make things hard on myself?  I was doing some refactoring a class method [“Introduce Parameter Object”] and decided that I would just change the signature, rename the method, blah blah blah in one shot, why not, I was already there.  I can just hear Fred Sanford saying “You…


You Get What You Pay For

Brian Button was looking at some code today and saw this as a test… adRolesProvider = null;Assert.IsNull(adRolesProvider); Enough said. UPDATE:Just to be clear… Brian didn’t write the test… just found it.


ReSharper .85 is out

 .84 was a huge performance improvement. I am hoping that this will even be better.  My question of the day… will I miss this in Whidbey?



I have been using Resharper for a while and until now I have stopped using it, but with version .83 I am very excited.  Extract method is here… and it works.  I am still a little upset with the loading of the solution and it seems to take a while to parse, but that aside,…


Can I Get a Tester?

 What makes a good tester?  I have pondered this question for a while.  I love testers because the make my code so much better, and I think they are extremely fascinating creatures J.  In a current project that we are working on, we have invoked the power of Unit Testing and some parts of Test…


Why Singletons are Evil

While I did not write this, I totally agree with it. Brian Button is probably one of the most talented people I know, and I am sure he would love your feedback. 1)       Singletons frequently are used to provide a global access point for some service. True, they do this, but at what cost? They provide…