Enterprse Library V 2.0 – It must be the end of the world

I have been really busy working on my new team, but I just noticed 3 new things that I found very cool that I thought I would pass along : Enterprise Library should be out this week via Tom Brian Button explains how we used Object Builder in Enterprise Library The Seattle Seahawks are in the…


This is Scott… not saying goodbye…. just saying…

Now that I have finally finished working on the Design Time Tool (for the last time) and Enterprise Library 2.0 is near the finish line. I can let the cat out of the bag. What a long strange trip it has been.  It is hard to believe that almost 3 years ago (January 6th), I…


December Release

For all of those who wanted the tool because they hate figuring out the schema for the xml, here is a pretty solid preview.  We have really been hard at work to finish this off.  Don’t blame Olaf, most of it is my fault.  I wanted to make things a bit easier to add your…


Enterprise Library Core Webcast

As Tom and Ed have pointed out, there are some major changes to the core architecture of Enterprise Library 2.0.  Join Tom and I to talk about our integration of object builder, Configuration Sources, and the new (kinda) design time for all the blocks.  This will be the last time you get to here my…

Enterprise Library 2.0 / Configuration 12.0

We have done it again.  Another drop another configuration change.  You can read the marketing mojo from Tom. Read the MSDN announcement and download it here.  All feedback welcome.  Now playing: Joe Satriani – Surfing With The Alien


Do you have what it takes?

Ever wanted to work with some of the greatest minds on some great software?  Well throw your hat in the ring and give it a try.  We are hiring.  The full job description is here. Now playing: Green Day – American Idiot


CAB October 2005 CTP Available

The team has been driving hard to get this to you.  I would definetly download it and start playing with it.  We (Enterprise Library) are going to be using the cool DI code in our project (yes everything you learned for the August CTP is useless now ).  Take a look at the Object Builder code from Brad and…


Is Your ASP.Net Process Hanging using Enterprise Library?

I was debugging a app from our product support team where a customer’s ASP.Net app was hanging.  The way we solved their problem was by putting the application name in their web.conifg. This is a little known feature (aka undocumented) that can cause you some pain.  If you are seeing this problem you will need…


Architecture Testing Guide Released

The patterns & practices Architecture Testing Guide is designed to help project stakeholders, software designers, developers, and testers understand the process of testing software architecture before the code is implemented. The paper describes an approach and methodology for testing the design of a system, and describes the user-specific viewpoints that you must consider during the…


Enterprise Library : August CTP Available

I am sure I am a little late to the party, but we have worked hard and here it is.  We really want your feedback, so go get it. A big thanks to the whole team for getting this out!  Have fun while giving it a spin.