Found my new home

Now that I live in the outside world, I decided I needed a place of my own.  You can now find me at   See you there.  All 3 of you. 


Unity Lives! Get your copy today.

Awesome work by the entire team! You can get it from MSDN here or from CodePlex. Please discuss and provide feedback so we can make this even better. Objects of the code Unite! [I know, corny]. Also: I have built an extension to Unity that i will be blogging about over the weekend. This is…

2 1.0 RC2 Released

I am sure it would have been soon if it wasn’t for the late night WoW session (we can blame any bugs on that too). Go read about it from Brad here.

How to get Enterprise Library 3.1 working in VS 2008

Enterprise Library 3.1 was published for Visual Studio 2005. That is to say: the Guidance Packages and the integrated Configuration Tool were built to work with Visual Studio 2005. The rest of the library works against .NET 2.0 and continues to work with .NET 3.5 apps. We have done some work to get the integrated…


Unity available on CodePlex

The team has done some great work to get this ready. Please provide us feedback and track any issues. I want to congratulate the team on their effort! Get the bits and read about Unity here. Technorati Tags: patterns & practices, Unity


Enterprise Library 4: Now with more Peace Love and Rock n’ Roll

At the p&p Summit in November here in Redmond I gave a talk called “EntLib Refactored”. This talk was started by my work done on the EntLib contrib project under the same name. What I wanted to do was make Enterprise Library smaller, simpler and easier to consume. My first attempt was to rewrite the…


Unity and Enterprise Library 4 Team

I am back on the team (and no I am not writing configuration again). Borrowed pic from Grigori’s original post. Technorati Tags: Enterprise Library, patterns & practices, Unity

Unite with Unity

Unity is our new Dependency Injection Container that will soon be available. Read more from Grigori. Doesn’t Remind Me from the album “Out Of Exile” by Audioslave Technorati Tags: Unity

My New Home – CodePlex

For the last nine months I have been working in a group working on a project doing WinFX (.NET 3.0) with CAB. (No, the reports are wrong, I was not living under a rock).  I can definitely say that it has been fun working with XAML.  Turning a ListBox into a totally new thing with  a few lines of…


What do you know Joe… Enterprise Library is out the door

Go get it while it is hot here.  I can’t believe.. we could have waited a few more days and it would have been a full year. Now playing: Collective Soul – Forgiveness