How to get Enterprise Library 3.1 working in VS 2008

Enterprise Library 3.1 was published for Visual Studio 2005. That is to say: the Guidance Packages and the integrated Configuration Tool were built to work with Visual Studio 2005. The rest of the library works against .NET 2.0 and continues to work with .NET 3.5 apps.

We have done some work to get the integrated tool to work in Visual Studio 2008. If you run the following registry script it will change the keys where VS looks to load the integrated tool package. After you run the script, you will need to run devenv /setup from the Visual Studio 2008 command prompt.

You can download the file from the EntLibContrib project on CodePlex from here.


I will try and be a little clearer for the steps:

1. Install EL 3.1 (you don't need the Guidance Packages)

2. Run the script

3. Run devenv /setup from the VS 2008 command prompt  



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  1. If you want to use "take full advantage of Enterprise Library 3.1", Scott Densmore just posted a blog

  2. If you want to use "take full advantage of Enterprise Library 3.1", Scott Densmore just posted

  3. Scott just posted on how to get Enterprise Library 3.1 installed with Visual Studio 2008. Check it out

  4. Scott just posted on how to get Enterprise Library 3.1 installed with Visual Studio 2008. Check it out

  5. ショートノーティスです♪ Enterprise Libraty 3.1 を Visual Studio 2008 で使うためのユーティリティが CodePlex にてリリースされました。 こちら からダウンロードできます。

  6. Integrare l’Enterprise Library in Visual Studio 2008

  7. MarkG says:

    Please, clarify the order of operations:

    1. Install EL3.1 (with the integrated tool)

    2. Run the script

    3. Run devenv / setup

    Is it correct?

    Thank you

  8. Subu says:

    I tried the above order. but getting an error. Could you please help

  9. devenv does not appear to have a /setup switch?

    Can you please advise the correct syntax?


  10. J Hornberger says:

    I believe the .reg file assumes you installed the ent lib in c:program files…  and that windows is installed in c:windowssystem32

    If your system doesn’t match that you may need to edit the reg file prior to running it and inserting the values into your registry.

  11. J Hornberger says:

    If you already ran the reg file and you didn’t install entlib in c:program files or windows isn’t in c:windows, you will need to go in and edit the registry with regedit.

    Search for ‘488366a4-630c-4a0e-a6a2-b019cee13bea’

    There are a couple places to update, so look at all the sub nodes from ‘488366a4-630c-4a0e-a6a2-b019cee13bea’ and make your changes.

    Then run the above devenv command and you should be good to go.

    It worked for me.

  12. mamun1net says:

    what changes should i do in ‘488366a4-630c-4a0e-a6a2-b019cee13bea’

  13. Michael Hoffmann says:

    EL 3.1 won’t appear in VS2008 on Vista64.

    I edited the .reg to change "Program Files" to "Program Files (x86)" (the default install location) before running the install steps as outlined.

    Also made sure I ran the steps logged in as administrator *and* as an admin install (msiexec /a) to boot.

    Just for simple tests I created a project and added an app.config file and right-clicked on it for the editor. Nothing in the context menu (as I would expect from prior VS2005 install, albeit those were on XP32bit).

    Any suggestions?


  14. Jack Ghostine says:

    Works great, thanks. And did not break the integrated tool for VS 2005.

  15. Magnus says:

    You can get the Configuration Editor to appear inside VS2008 on 64-bit Vista too but you have to make changes under WOW6432 registry keys. The simplest way to get it working is to search through all of the registry for ‘Program FilesMicrosoft Enterprise Library 3.1 – May 2007’ whenever you get a hit change ‘Program Files’ to ‘Program Files (x86)’.

    I did not get the context menu to appear but from the context menu I can choose "Open With …" and in the dialog I get the Configuration Editor as an alternativ and viola the editor appears inside the Studio.

    Happy hunting!


  16. Magnus says:

    Man am I tired. In the above post it shoud read

    "I did not get the context menu *item* to appear …"


  17. Magnus says:

    The simplest way to get it to work in 64-bit Vista may actually be to follow the directions here Haven’t tried it thou.


  18. Magnus says:

    At last! I even managed to get the context menu item to appear when right-clicking app.config. After having searched through and corrected the registry as described above I kept getting an error, "The operation could not be completed", when running devenv /setup.

    If you are running on Vista you need to do this from the VS2008 Command Prompt

    runas /env /user:Administrator "devenv.exe /setup"

    That did the trick.


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