Enterprise Library 2.0 / Configuration 12.0

We have done it again.  Another drop another configuration change.  You can read the marketing mojo from Tom. Read the MSDN announcement and download it here.  All feedback welcome. 

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  1. akraus2 says:

    Hi Scott,

    I have read that the ObjectBuilder was taken from the CAB Block. Does this mean that CAB and Enterprise Library 2.0 are/will become dependant? Or will each Block have its own version of the ObjectBuilder code?


    Alois Kraus

  2. Hi Alois –

    EntLib and CAB will both include their own copy of Object Builder, but they will be the exact same bits. If you install both deliverables, it may make sense to point both solution files at a single copy of Object Builder should you want to change the code.


  3. akraus2 says:

    Thanks Tom for the info.

  4. Nat says:

    Hi Scott,

    I’m a novice; please be detailed as possible. I downloaded EntLib Nov 2005 and installed VS2005 software from Microsoft Launch Event on Nov. 17 in NYC.

    I was working through an EntLib DAAB example posted on:


    In a VB2005 program, I am trying to change the DB reference originally read from app.com

    On this FAQ page:


    Q: How do I programmatically change existing configuration data?

    A: A good way to do this is to ask for the configuration data from the block, change the information and put it into your own ConfigurationContext object and give it off to the block’s provider factory. For example, using the Data Access Application Block:

    DatabaseConfigurationView view = new DatabaseConfigurationView(ConfigurationManager.GetCurrentContext());

    ConnectionStringData connectionStringData = view.GetDatabaseSettings().ConnectionStrings["Sql Connection String"];

    connectionStringData.Parameters.Add(new ParameterData("database", dbname));

    Database db = DatabaseFactory.CreateDatabase();

    I "converted" to VB:

    Dim DatabaseConfigurationView As View = New DatabaseConfigurationView(ConfigurationManager.GetCurrentContext())

    Dim ConnectionStringData As connectionStringData = View.GetDatabaseSettings().ConnectionStrings("Sql Connection String")

    ConnectionStringData.Parameters.Add(New ParameterData("database", dbname))

    db = DatabaseFactory.CreateDatabase()


    ConfigurationManager, connectionstringdata and ParameterData are "Not Defined"

    What/where references are required ? What code has to be added and where ?

    Thanks in advance

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