Is Your ASP.Net Process Hanging using Enterprise Library?

I was debugging a app from our product support team where a customer’s ASP.Net app was hanging.  The way we solved their problem was by putting the application name in their web.conifg. This is a little known feature (aka undocumented) that can cause you some pain.  If you are seeing this problem you will need to add a key in your appSettings of your config file named Microsoft.Practices.EnterpriseLibrary.Configuration.ConfigurationManager.ApplicationName and you should be good.  You can put any name you want and when you get messages in the Event Log you will get that name as the name of the application.  The offending code can be found in the file PerformanceCounterInstances.cs in the project Common at line 81.

No interestingly enough , someone just posted the same thing plus a little more on the GDN site here.  This is a good read and I congratulate them for being so thorough.

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  1. tsramkumar says:


    I had a quick question reg. the enterprise library for DB2. I guess it was not included in the original build and had to build the solution including the db2 project so as to support DB2 (courtesy, an article by jcurrier in

    However, I am having troubles using the DB2Type VARCHAR. I am not sure if the DbType.String can be used to represent VARCHAR as well. How is it mapped?

    Any suggestions or workaround?


  2. CodyTownsley says:

    Thanks, Scott. From my Google searching I noticed that several people were having the same or similar problem as us but nobody had so far posted any solutions that worked for us. It took a couple of days of banging our collective heads against several monitors before we figured it out. Hopefully somebody else can benefit from our pain.

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