Enterprise Library : August CTP Available

I am sure I am a little late to the party, but we have worked hard and here it is.  We really want your feedback, so go get it.

A big thanks to the whole team for getting this out!  Have fun while giving it a spin.

Comments (2)

  1. Yuval Ararat says:

    is this the V2 EntLib?

    is it working?

    does its configuration tool saving?

    please. make it so Number 1.

  2. Nitin Kapoor says:


    I am looking into the Source code of the Quickstarts shipped with the library for example Excepionhandlingwithlogging quickstart has couple of class files in Quickstartproject like NativeMethods.cs,AppTextExceptionFormatter.cs,AppMessageExceptionHandler.cs,GlobalExceptionProcessing.cs

    do we need to have all of them in our Project we we want to use teh exceptionhandling part of the enterprise library are there any clean examples ? Has someone used it in his own project/application

    pls let us know

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