Enterprise Libary 1.1 – Dev Complete

We are Dev Complete on Enterprise Library June 2005 (barring no major bugs) !  I know Tom has already covered the changes in his post here, so I want go into to much detail about it.  Since Tom posted to the newsgroup about this, I guess it is ok to tell you guys what else is in there…. wait for it…. wait for it….

It will work on Whidbey Beta 2.  Now saying that, this is not best practice / guidance on Whidbey, just a way to get you guys up and running on Enterprise Library on .NET 2.0.   Tom has told me that this is the major question that he has gotten at Tech-Ed in Orlando.  Hopefully this will appease the masses until we get more clear direction of .NET 2.0.  This will teach us to ship so close to a platform change .

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  1. Now tell me that the ParameterToken is not protected and you’ll make my day.

  2. Damian Reeves says:


    A while back in your tips on getting Enterprise Library working on bBeta 2 you noted that the TextFormatterData for logging should be switched from a CDATA section to an XMLNodeList or a base 64 encoding string. The rational path build seems to use the base 64 encoded string, but there are problems in how it was implemented.

    I was wondering what method did you decide on for the 1.1 build, this would be helpful since most likely we’ll migrate to the 1.1 build once avaailable, but until then we need to use a custom build (rationalpath).

    Also is it possible to get a few code snippets on what to change to get this to work like how you have it in 1.1?

    Everything else seems to be workig fine for us except this, and I’m uncomfortable releasing a broken DLL to my team to develop off.

  3. Mark Ritchie says:

    Has an OleDb provider been added to the Data Access Application Block?

    Is there a release date yet?

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