More on Enterprise Library Unit Tests

Roy has a very interesting post on the unit tests that we shipped.  This is the kind of feedback we want.  It is a very interesting idea about how we only enable the tests that people can run.

IMHO, the deficit is in the tools.  How do I know what tests to disable or not install?  In V2 we are going to separate out the tests (of course this means we have to make some of the classes / methods / properties public that we might not normally, but hey, it is all in the name of testing right ?   How would you expect the test to be fully runnable?  Should we control this through some configuration?  Create suites of tests?  Gen the tests?  I really would love some ideas.

Comments (3)

  1. Eltrab says:

    Having spent the morning contemplating the best way to architect unit tests into our future projects we took confidence in finding our ideas matched the approach you’ve taken with the Enterprise Library – including the tests under a Tests folder and using conditional compilation blocks to exclude them from production code. Now you say that you’re moving the tests out for V2! You’ve acknowledged that moving the tests will result in compromises being made regarding the scope of your entities, so I’m very interested in what has lead you to the decision to move them out. If their inclusion is regarded as a mistake then its a mistake I’m keen to avoid! Thanks.

  2. Sekhar says:

    Is there a place to find samples of how to configure webapplications on a webfarm using Configuration Block.

    As well, some sample to show me how to setup the SQL server as storage provider?



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