Enterprise Library – Shipping Dedication

I know that everyone is lined up to get tickets and you will be able to get them today (this afternoon at the latest PST time).   This time around, to download EntLib you will need to register.  We are not going to spam you, we are just trying to understand who is downloading and the number of unique users we have out there in the wild (trust me, it is a small price to pay ).  As cheesy as this sounds, we want to connect with you so if you could, make sure all of you who want to download it, download it yourself.  Please link to us, send mail to all your friends, family.  And if you like it, send mail to me, if you don’t like it send mail to me [scottden@microsoft.remove_this.com. 

I know a lot of you may not know it, but I have been working on this since day 1 and I feel like a need to thank a couple of people.  This type of dedication is usually left up to authors of books, but you know what my code is just as good as any book content and it is free .  The two people I would like to thank (although there are more than I could ever name here) are my daughters Mary Elizabeth (left) and Anna Grace (right).



As soon as the links are up on msdn.com I will post them here on my site.


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Comments (9)

  1. Linus Joseph says:

    register where?

  2. Scott Densmore says:

    You will register before you download. The download is not up on MSDN yet… but I will be posting as soon as it goes live :).

  3. Some nice girls and a proud father! 🙂

    Can’t wait for the download.

  4. Keith J. Farmer says:

    practices homepage just updated.. still getting a 404 on the link itself

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