How to Scroll in a Command Window

As Brian Button pointed out earlier, I am keyboard junkie.  I found myself today needing to scroll through my console window after running some unit tests that had failed.  Now my first thought would be page up / page down... nope didn't work.  Confused, I started google'n around to find the answer. I was not successful in finding an answer so I walked over to Peter's office and begged for help (google really likes Peter).  After two tries the answer appeared.

<Alt> <Space> <e> <l>.  Now what this does is take you to the system menu then to edit and scroll (not that I think that scrolling has anything to do with edit).  Works like a charm. To get back to regular editing use the <Esc> button.

Now why I am on the topic, what I really want is a keyboard with a little pointing device in the middle like a laptop... anyone know if this exists?

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  1. Mike Andrews says:

    With the command window, I just set the screen buffer size to 9999 and the window itself to something normal (25) in the properties settings. I then always have the scroll bars and dont have to remember any funny key combinations 🙂

    IBM has a keyboard with a trackpad built in – which is probably what you are after. Some other manufacture models exist, eg , , etc, but you’ll find that they are either targeted towards rack-mount server environments, or for travel.

    Hope this helps.

  2. Aaron Robinson says:

    Google’d "trackpoint keyboard", found this:


    – Aaron

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