You Get What You Pay For

Brian Button was looking at some code today and saw this as a test… adRolesProvider = null;Assert.IsNull(adRolesProvider); Enough said. UPDATE:Just to be clear… Brian didn’t write the test… just found it.


What Kind of Elitist Am I?

Your CD collection is almost as big as your ego,and you can most likely play an instrument orthree. You’re a real hit at parties, but you’reSO above karaoke. What people love: You’re instant entertainment.Unless you play the obo. What people hate: Your tendency to sing louder thanthe radio and compare everything to a freakingsong. What…


What OS are you?

So now that I know that I am file extension what OS do I live on? Which OS are You? Guess this is why I am weird.


I am just a file extension sitting on your file system

Thanks to Peter for pointing me to this. I have taken this before, yet this time I really tried to answer honest. Which File Extension are You? So am I really that wierd? And I don’t think I am all that cool and happening.


Enterprise Library Part Deux

I just wanted to clear up some things on Enterprise Library. I would love to give everyone a copy of it right now, but because of some contractual obligations we can not release until January.  So between now and then I will be making some posts about interesting design and code snippets. Although it sucks…


Enterprise Library ‘The Day After’

I can finally lift my head up. The day has finally arrived (as far as I know)… we are at zbb (zero bug bounce) and if nothing weird happens we will ship our bits to Avanade on Monday.  What does this mean for the rest of the world?  In 3 months we will RTW (release…



This morning I read a post about the .NET design guidelines and I am upset about the last line of this guideline. We are now going to have people choosing generics over polymorphism to solve a problem.  If I expect an ISession for the paramter of my method, class etc, why would that become a…


An open letter to the jury

I thought this fit the mood given our current state of politics… I would like to direct this to the distinguished members of the panel. You lousy cork-suckers. You have violated my fargin’ rights. This suminonbatching country was founded so that the liberties of common patriotic citizens, like me, could not be taken away by…