Waking up…

Sorry for the lights out for the two people in the world that read my thoughts (Hi Mom!).  We have been really pushing to get V1 of the new Enterprise Library out the door.  We are working through our last 2 iterations for dev, then it is stabilization and gone.  I still can’t talk much about what is going on with this or the men in the black suites will come and take me away.  I hope that soon the gag order will be released and I can spew more info out to the world so I can get feed back on what we are doing.  For those that are curious, Enterprise Library will be the next evolution for Application Blocks. My friend Brian will be discussing the process of how we developed the block as soon as the talk ban has been lifted.

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  1. Scott, 2 things…

    Please add me as a dedicated reader in ADDITION to your Mom (which obviously puts me in gooood company)…AND, as someone who is VERY much looking forward to EntLib (through my own research’ efforts) & the associated eco-system launch this fall.

    Keep up the great work.


  2. Thomas Eyde says:

    Why the gag ordrer? You know this can hurt you? We are using UIP v2 in my current web project, but it’s so buggy, hard to use, hard to change code, hard to add new components, and to get the whole thing to work we only use OpenNavigator and a custom State. This is hardly worth the effort and the cost of adding new features are pretty high. And the architecture is all wrong. You should know that keeping navigation state in a WinForm application is good, because you have full control on the client, but trying to do the same on the web server is a disaster waiting to happen?

    We would really like to know whats up in EntLib, how nice it plays with ASP.NET 2.0 and if it’s way better designed.

    Your gag order could cause us and others to abandon the whole thing in distrust.

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