Off Topic – Ed Eddie and Eddie

I am a big football fan, and my favorite NFL team is the Tennessee Titans (being from the South I can’t help but love Football).  And for all those going “…hey redneck (yes I went to diversity training), what about Atlanta?”, I only have one statement for the press…”Go Braves, and take the Falcons with you.”   Sadly today, the Titans made their decision on Eddie George. You can read about it here.  We will miss you Eddie.

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  1. Jay Glynn says:

    Yes, it is a sad day here in Nashville, however Antowain Smith has been picked up for league minimum. Ther ehave been several stories from here and as far as most can tell, the Titans gave Eddie every opportunity to sign. The offer was loaded with incentives and guarantees. Eddie said no. It was his choice.

  2. -e says:

    First off, sorry to hear about the fact that you’re a Titans fan. But we can’t all be Steeler’s fans.

    As a Michigan fan and a Penn State alum, I can honestly say that Eddie George has always been overrated, so you really aren’t losing anything there. You may even find that the waterboy makes a better back…


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