Source Code Organization

 After reading this post by Brad Abrams on source code organization, I have given this some thought.  I agree with Brad and how source code is organized.  Visual Studio even supports this organization in C#. In PAG we really don’t follow any sort of source organization convention consistently  What do you think would be the easiest / best way to expose our source? I am inclined to agree with Brad, but since you, the developers, are our customer, I would love to here feedback. 

Currently we have a project that will be out around September and we are following the convention suggested by Brad.  I know Shawdowfax is taking another approach that I personally find difficult, so this is why I would like your feedback.

Comments (1)

  1. Go Brad’s way. I think it is more likely to be understood by developers than anything else you could come up with. It is what I recommend in my training, and what I insist my developers do.

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