Hello World!

Never thought I would have a real use for “Hello World!” in my lifetime, of course if you asked me if I would ever jump on the “blog” bandwagon I would have said no to that as well J.  My name is Scott Densmore and I am a Software Development Engineer in the patterns & practices group. I spend most of my time writing the code for the Application Blocks and giving review and feedback on the other work that goes on here.  I decided that I wanted to talk to more people about what they thought about the things that we work on and get feedback around how people use or want to use the code we push out.  We are a bit of a different group in that we ship the source code with all our deliverables and I would love to here what people think of that fact.  Most of  our deliverables are to target Enterprise Developers and we are always trying to get better at hitting that mark. 


I will also use this blog to post about code and random thoughts about things I am working on.  So expect a flood of info soon since we will be announcing something new at TechEd.

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