JSON Serialization in WCF and .NET 3.5

I just burned an hour chasing down a JSON serialization issue in .NET 3.5.  Watch out for trying to serialize DateTime values that are MaxValue or MinValue.  This is an issue whether you are using the DataContractJsonSerializer directly or if you are using a WebInvoke with response formatting set to Json.  The latter can be…


Maze Simulator for Robotics Studio

In my last post, I described the maze generator I developed in C#.  This was trivial to build as to be expected.  The larger challenge for me was to learn enough about the simulator in MSRS 1.5 to build a 3D maze and let me virtual robot navigate through it.  After a few more hours…


Maze Generator in C#

I was recently talking with Marc about some potentially interesting challenges in robotics programming that we could implement using the Microsoft Robotics Studio 1.5 Simulator.  We discussed a number of scenarios that ranged from simple to insanely hard.  One of the more approachable challenges he proposed involved having a simple, autonomous robot navigate through a…



I found an interesting site with information of the origins of XYZZY in Adventure, and later Zork.  It’s also use as a cheat code for a number of products in the market. So was “XYZZY” defined randomly, or does it have some deeper meaning?  You’ll have to read on.


Raising the Bar on DebuggerVisualizers

I’m in Redmond this week to do some work around Web Services management.  Right now I’m trying to finish my WSE 2.0 SP3 Performance Counter implementation.  Although there are performance counter implementations out there (here is one) for WSE, I need specific counters per service and per operation.  I’m also trying to use WSE 2.0…


Developing an DebuggerVisualizer for Images

I have been working with Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2 quite a bit.  One of the more compelling debugging features in VS2005 Beta 2 is the ability to create new extensions to the debugger for supporting custom visualization of objects that are being inspected.  The basic object types in .NET are already supported by the…


London Trip

U.K. Trip I am currently flying back home after 6 days in the U.K.  I’m on a plane for 10 hours, so this is an ideal time for a blog entry.  I was there to collaborate with some of our internal team members and partners on an interesting project involving advanced Web Services.  It was…


Introduction and Mobile Web Services

Introduction I’m finally starting my blog. I have deferred this activity for a number of reasons, some of which were valid, but all of which were well formed.   For those who don’t know me, I am an Architectural Consultant working for Microsoft within the Communications Sector, Consulting Services team. My team works with the…