Update for .NET 3.5 SP1 Released

There was an update to the .NET 3.5 SP1 release a couple of days ago and I have not seen a lot of mention to it so thought I would write a blog post and talk about how this update affects ASP.NET.

First off you can search for KB959209 in the Microsoft knowledge base for details on this update. Here is the direct URL to the article: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/959209.

This update corrects the following issues that may affect an ASP.NET developer that has .NET 3.5 SP1 installed:

- Dynamic Data used with Entity Framework generates an error when navigating one to one relationships

- BrowserCaps generates an error if Front Page Server extensions are installed.

- Using a derived UpdateProgress control may encounter an exception.

- An exception is thrown if the website is using WPF to generate images and the site is hosted under IIS.

There are other issues that are fixed in the framework and CLR that could affect applications so I suggest reading the list of changes in the knowledge base.

If you are using Dynamic Data and Entity Framework then I highly recommend this update.

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  1. Kelvin Li says:

    After installing the update, my machine.config file is messed up and the config section for system.runtime.serialization, system.serviceModel and system.serviceModel.activation are lost. As a result Visual Studio 2005 was not able to load certain packages. I had to spend a good part of the morning to figure out the problem.

  2. Thanigainathan says:


    I think this update is for VS2008. Does that affects VS2005 settings ?

    Thanks & regards,


  3. وستا says:

    this update is for .net 3.5 and vs2005 uses .net 2.

  4. zahra says:

    i maked one .DLL for  visualStadio camponent.

    i have a problem for renam of label and TextBox.

    i want moment rename label to lesson perse convert to lblLesson and than i do this act too for TextBox .

    but have a problem :

    i do rename to textbox to lesson and I do Rename label to Lesson tray Problem .I write must convert to lblLesson and txtLesson but have error ("Already this name").

    I dont Know Do.


  5. Dick Head says:

    What the hell kind of crap is this??????

  6. neil says:

    Lots of technical jargon.

    I.e., if you don’t know what they’re talking about, you’ll never know what they’re talking about.

    It’s a shame, because these .Net windows-updates take a very long time to download, a surprisingly long time to install, and they’re starting to become a regular happening.

    Since they’re labeled "Critical," we are all compelled to do it, even though we don’t have a clue what a ".Net" is, except for a nagging suspicion it’s another element in the Microsoft-System, monopolize, monitor, and control-your-life software.

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