New Public Preview of Dynamic Data is Now Available

Today we released a new public release of Dynamic Data on the MSDN code gallery site. You can download the new version at: These releases are cutting edge releases and not as refined as a CTP but this is a great way for us to get much newer code than the December CTP into peoples hands. We need as much feedback as we can get on this new version so we can lock down Dynamic Data for RTM.


Also as part of this new public release is the new "Dynamic Data Website Wizard". This is a new wizard for building a Dynamic Data drive site from a wizard type experience. You can select a database, decide which items from the database need to be in the data model then customize the site on a page by page basis determine which operations the pages support including layout types. Then the tool generates the actual website using the features of Dynamic Data controls. You can read much more and see a screencast at:


We have also released some samples including an image library for Dynamic Data. You can see these samples at:


Please try out these new bits and give us feedback on the ASP.NET forums at:

Comments (2)

  1. If you guys have not had a chance to check these bits out you should.

    You can very quickly get something out the door.  Then modify as needed.

    Rapid application development.


  2. Paolo says:

    This is very cool technology, I hope that it is marketed properly, for it can certainly drive sales.  

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