Troubleshooting tool–Azure WebJob TCP Ping

I’ve dropped a quick Visual Studio solution that has a simple Azure WebJob intended to run Continuously that does a Socket open (TCPPing) for a specific IP address and Port – intended to aid in identifying any network transient errors over time. Located on Github here: Azure Web Job – TCP Ping Overview Visual…


Viewing the User Token from Visual Studio 2010 Debugger

When you’re debugging security related things, sometimes you need to take a look at the thread identities user token. When you’re inside of Visual Studio 2010 – in the watch windows you enter ‘$user’  and you’ll get the same as when in windbg with !token –n  


MiniProfiler– A simple but effective mini-profiler for ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET.

Once in a while a good tool that I find out about that helps me developing solutions comes in real handy.  MiniProfiler is one of those tools. Developed by the StackOverflow folks it’s available in source or binary, and NuGet packages Take a look


Hosted Service as a Windows Azure CDN Origin Tips

The Windows Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN) helps improve the solution experience by putting content closer to the end-user, enhances availability, geo-distribution, scalability, lower latency delivery, and performance. If that’s the goal we want to be sure that when we instantiate the source of this content at the origin it’s as CDN friendly as we…


Who needs reflector? ILSpy to the rescue..

Reflector has been invaluable over the years.  I’m torn about the idea it’s become a paid for tool, and by all means folks should be compensated for great work.  Not sure where Lutz is in the cash flow. But, the ICSharpCode guys have released ILSpy at  ( Right now the limitation is it’s NetFx…


Getting Office Web Apps to run on a Domain controller – AppServerHost.exe

I recall we had a similar issue when running document conversion services. If you’re attempting Word or PowerPoint viewing and you see errors in the event log regarding AppServerHost.exe – you need to enable non-sandboxing.   Open SharePoint 2010 Management Shell, then run: #Enable Word Web App: $e = Get-SPServiceApplication | where {$_.TypeName.Equals("Word…


Differences when Running with OutputCache managed module under ASP.NET IIS7.x with Cache-control header

This post is to report some differences when using MVC or IHttpHandlers if you’re attempting to set the Cache-control : max-age or s-maxage value under IIS7.x using the HttpResponse.Cache methods. [UPDATE]: 2011-3-14 – The missing piece was calling  Response.Cache.SetSlidingExpiration(true) as follows: context.Response.Cache.SetCacheability(HttpCacheability.Public); context.Response.Cache.SetMaxAge(TimeSpan.FromMinutes(5)); context.Response.ContentType = "image/jpeg"; context.Response.Cache.SetSlidingExpiration(true);   Under IIS7.x if you us one of…


AD FS 2.0: Troubleshooting Event 364 and ThrowExceptionForHRInternal / NullReferenceException

  Ran into a situation today where after AD FS federation server was installed, configured and up & running, “all of a sudden” it stopped working. Turned out that another installer that affected the default web site, also seemingly affected the AppPools associated to all Applications under the Default Web site. By changing the “Enable…


Azure VS Tools and SDK – systray already running…

If you are getting a message when you start the Compute Emulator “Systray already running…” from within Visual Studio one fix is to check what the image name is loading is. For some reason, on 2 of my machines the image was loading with the 8.3 format.  This caused the logic in the VS tools…


Visual Studio 2010 Setup Projects and x64 Support

I was taking the Windows Azure CmdLets project and getting it into an MSI just to make it easier to deploy in a nice package.  I ran into problems with the Setup project not being able to properly establish the right registry settings for an x64 environment. Even though you set the target platform on…