PDF Search Handler fix

Adobe keeps breaking my PDF search.  WHY WHY WHY…   reg ADD HKCR\.pdf\PersistentHandler /d {1AA9BF05-9A97-48c1-BA28-D9DCE795E93C} /f


Running the AspNet vNext MVC sample direct from Docker

In the post Using the Docker client from Windows and getting AspNet vNext running in a Docker Container you had to step through downloading GO, building the docker.exe, etc. I’ve updated the GitHub repo adding the hacked version of the Docker.exe along with their LICENSE. And the whole thing has been published to the Docker…


Using the Docker client from Windows and getting AspNet vNext running in a Docker Container

Update: 2015-01-15 – Note that Ahmet has posted an official Docker walkthrough for ASP.NET 5 http://blogs.msdn.com/b/webdev/archive/2015/01/14/running-asp-net-5-applications-in-linux-containers-with-docker.aspx Update: 2014-11-24 – Added links to HOWTO build Docker on Windows from Ahmet. As Docker progress as a native application on Windows, and Asp.NET progresses direct from Microsoft for running on Linux, I wanted to see how far I…


Useful Machine Learning and HDInsight / Hadoop Links Posts and Information

Updates: Initial Post: 2014-11-17 As many ramp up on Microsoft Azure Machine Learning, I wanted to start keeping a succinct list of many of the articles, blogs, videos, posts, etc. that have shown to be helpful in conveying the essence of the general practice of Machine Learning as well as the implementation within Microsoft Azure….


SharePoint 2013 Fixing WCAG F38 Failure–Images without ALT tags–using a Control Adapter–Display Templates

The WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) provide a baseline for accessibility standards so various tools, such as screen readers, can provide a reasonable experience for those with accessibility challenges. With regards to images, the guideline provides that all Image tabs <img…> should probably (I say probably here for various reasons) have an ALT tag. In…


Why you should never say “Turn ON Intranet Settings” in Internet Explorer IE

I recently checked into a hotel – connected to their guest wireless – and I start noticing odd things with some websites. UPDATE: corrected title to conform to the message – thanks Mark… If you’ve ever seen the following: NEVER say “Turn on Intranet Settings”. In my case, the hotel’s wireless (specifically their DHCP server)…


Getting Docker Running on Hyper-V 8.1/ 2012 R2

Running Docker locally on a Windows machine is generally not an issue; unless you’ve committed to using Hyper-V. Since the Docker install for Windows relies on Sun’s Oracle’s Virtual Box, you can’t have both running (Hyper-V and Virtual Box). There are ways to disable Hyper-V for a boot session (via bcdedit for example – here)….


Issues with OneDrive for business and Document Cache–Don’t mix C2R and MSI installs

With the latest updates to Office, an issue that rears it’s ugly head if you’ve mixed both C2R and MSI installs of any Office product (2013).  That means Office, Visio, Project, SharePoint designer, and OneDrive for Business Sync Client.   If you get into this mess, try to uninstall all the C2R or MSI –…


SharePoint 2013 Farm in Less than an Hour–New Azure Portal and Azure Templates

Soon, you’ll be able to author your own templates, but as of today, you can provision an 3 Machine SharePoint 2013 Farm – have it running in less than 1 hour with just a few clicks. For details take a look here: SharePoint Server Farm at http://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/documentation/articles/virtual-machines-sharepoint-farm-azure-preview/ SharePoint Server Farm Configuration Details at http://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/documentation/articles/virtual-machines-sharepoint-farm-config-azure-preview/ Now,…