Invitaiton: September 8th Bill and Melinda Gate’s Foundation present: Get Schooled

People often confuse the efforts of the Gates Foundation with the efforts at School of the Future. I can tell you that although they are not connected to our efforts there, we are always interested in Bill’s focus and passion for education. This should be a very insightful program sure to illicit deep thought and…


And so it begins….

The start of the first graduation class from School of the future! There’s so much that has been going on since the end of summer and the start of the new year which officially begins September 8th that I don’t know where to begin. In the interest of blog etiquette, I’ll keep this short as…


Is that a hologram of Bill Gates at School of the Future? No that’s just OneNote 2007.

Seems like a strange question for some, but I’ve learned that many people come to visit the school thinking one of two things: 1. This is a Technology School 2. Bill Gates Funds it Both are inaccurate, but interesting because the one thing that everyone thinks is the focus of the School is actually the the…


Is this the 3rd Year?

Yes, we now have 3 years of learners at the school, approximately 384 total. Every day learners walk these halls and still appreciate the environment that was created for them. Below, you’ll see a couple of shots of the school and I guarantee you that if you were to visit, you would say the school still looks new….


The Mission Continues

School of the Future – Part II By Tony Franklin, Solutions Specialist @ The School of the Future It’s been a while since Mary Cullinane wrote about the School of the Future partnership in her blog that chronicaled the planning, implementation and opening of this one of kind school. I have the distinguished honor of continuing this…