School of the Future @ NECC 2009 June 28th – July 1

  Well, actually not THE School of the Future, but just because it’s the end of the year at School of the Future that doesn’t mean that we’re not continuing to have conversations around everything from innovative teaching to integrated technology.  I’ve been invited to attend NECC 2009, and Microsoft will be at booth # 1728 at the…


But we don’t feel like a failure….

Last week an event in Washington D.C hosted by the American Enterprise for Public Policy Research organization and commissioned by Microsoft unveiled the findings of data collection efforts by several education researchers. These finding were discussed in an open forum and not debated but presented to the general public for consumption and interpretation based upon…


Meet your fellow Innovators!

Have you checked out the Innovative Teachers Network yet? Information has been posted about the 2009 U.S. Innovative Teachers Forum (ITF) which will be held in Silicon Valley on August 13-14. It is an awesome event that recognizes outstanding teaching teams (two educators per team) that implement 21st Century skills into student learning projects. The…


Progress takes time and cooperation

This past year the School of the Future has gone through a lot of transition, which in most cases is a natural progression when looking at Education Reform. Some people think we’re trying to recreate the wheel while others would agree that the ground work for project based learning and innovative teaching has already been…


Innovation through Collaboration

I know you are doing cool stuff in your classroom- why not share it with your peers? Or perhaps you are looking for a way to connect with educators who are using technology to enhance their teaching and student learning. The Innovative Teachers Network (ITN) is a fantastic place to connect with teachers across the…


Is Green the new Black?

I was about to write another post about the School of the Future being a green building and then I started wondering when being ‘green’ became so popular. As some Educators here at the school subscribe to the Constructivist Theory of learning, I myself had to gain an understanding of why being green is at the forefront of…


Let’s cut to the chase…OneNote Classroom Examples from School of the Future

I was updating the links in the previous post so you would be able to download the Handbook and the Toolkit, and then I said “why not share some examples of Educator Notebooks!” So here’s the link to my Sky Drive, and in there you’ll find the Handbook, Toolkit and examples of Edcuator Notebooks that…


Is that a hologram of Bill Gates at School of the Future? No that’s just OneNote 2007.

Seems like a strange question for some, but I’ve learned that many people come to visit the school thinking one of two things: 1. This is a Technology School 2. Bill Gates Funds it Both are inaccurate, but interesting because the one thing that everyone thinks is the focus of the School is actually the the…


Is this the 3rd Year?

Yes, we now have 3 years of learners at the school, approximately 384 total. Every day learners walk these halls and still appreciate the environment that was created for them. Below, you’ll see a couple of shots of the school and I guarantee you that if you were to visit, you would say the school still looks new….


Can I Do That?

I’m going to dedicate this page to introducing new technology to schools and Educators out there who want to stay on the cutting (bleeding) edge of technology. Here I’ll introdcue you to the latest and greatest that Microsoft has to offer but specifically from an Education perspective. This will not be “you should buy” this…