Penn State Team "BetaMax" Competing In The Imagine Cup People’s Choice Award

Hello Everyone.

Its been sometime since my last post, but I will try to post more often. If you haven't heard yet, Imagine Cup, Microsoft's worldwide premier technology competition is well under way and as the teams battle it out, it has come to my attention that there is a team representing Penn State! The team name is called "BetaMax." The team is competing in the area of software design.

You can support the team in 3 different ways (Once per 24 Hours). 1. Go to ( and vote for BetaMax,  the link is long because its a special link that counts for people voting for Penn State. 2. Text Message "BetaMax"  without the quotes to 45444  Lastly, 3. On twitter tweet the following:" @mstechstudent I am voting for #BetaMax in #ICPeoplesChoice."

If you do all three you'll get 3 votes in!  So lets start voting, and remember to vote each day!

A Little Background:

The Problem: Healthcare in Developing Countries

Description: The team created a solution for monitoring community health and keeping track of the patients that the community health workers see every day. The solution will provide transparency and accuracy of information.


Members: Daniel Sullivan, Nick Doyle, Nicole Micheletti and Kathy Kelly

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