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Tony Franklin, @TeachTec, @SOTFPhilly, US Partners in Learning, National Education Technologist


I hope everyone is recovering from a well deserved holiday break and preparing to head into the next holiday season coming up very shortly. I’ve been somewhat absent from the blogsphere for a few months now as I’ve been trying to think of better ways to share with the larger education community. Through some amazing luck I’ve now inherited the @TeachTec twitter handle to go along with our @SOTFPhilly handle AND I’ll be looking for contributors on School of the Future blog as well as the soon to be announced TeachTech blog. Exciting times!

So I thought I would share with you a conversation that came across my desk last night that until now I hadn’t quite given much thought to. Whiteboards. I’m not going to go deep on how to use them, because quite frankly, I don’t. BUT I happen to know a few educators that do. So when I was asked to share some links to some good whiteboard content, both Microsoft and Non-Microsoft I went to my Educator Advisory Board. These are Educators who I personally know and trust to give me raw feedback on our technology and the technology that they use everyday in the classroom. I have to share briefly (in case your new to my blog) that I spent the past 3 years at School of the Future working with those educators every day to understand what it takes to have true technology integration in the classroom.

So I sent an email and here are the replies to the question: What tools do you use with your whiteboard that you find useful, engaging, fun. And here are the replies.

T. Gaffey, @Tgaffey School of the Future, Philadelphia PA

Onenote – here’s a link to Tgaffey’s (and SOTF Educators) OneNote Templates

 Promethean ActiveInspire


Powerpoint – I’d add Interactive Classroom

Community Clips

 Tablet Tools Toolbar

Microsoft  Paint

 Google Earth***

(***I actually like Bing Maps – but I’m not teaching with it either Smile )

Thanks T. Gaffey!!

My next educator from St. Paul’s school in Mobile Alabama also contributed some great stuff, thanks @ketheredge!

K. Etheredge, @ketheredge, St. Paul’s Episcopal School, Mobile AL

http://www.learner.org/interactives/index.html - here is one for many different grade levels

http://www.sfu.museum/journey/games.php - content specific, but many grade levels

http://www.knowitall.org/ - variety of things

http://pbskids.org/whiteboard/ - PBS interactive whiteboard games

Also, Smartboard has a site that has features hundreds (if not thousands) of lesson plans for teachers.

Thanks T. Gaffey and K. Etheredge!!!!!!


So my question to the blogsphere: do you have some applications that you like to use on your whiteboard?

Comments (2)

  1. ketheredge says:

    Hi Tony!  I am always stumbling upon new interactive whiteboard sites, so here is a link to my delicious page for interactives - http://www.delicious.com/.../iwb

  2. yvonne says:

    I don't have a whiteboard yet; I am a tad bi"scared" but curious, and excited over the prospect of working with this technology. My current school is about to close. But I am working on something new..

    I have been teaching Middle School aged children for almost 20 years and I still love what i do!!  I am excited about learning the new techmology available. I read your bog and the other links... I can hardly wait to get started.

         This is mind boggling!! The idea that I can teach Social Studies by taking my students virtually around the world is awesome! I feel like a little child with a new toy!

        I love to take my cildren on field trips to suplemnt my lessons,  but haw cool to have them experience teal archeologoical digs and colonial meetings at their finger tips...

        Look for me in the near future; I cannot wait to et started....

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