Innovative Educators Forum, Cape Town South Africa T-Minus…


For the blog this week, we asked the educators who will be making the journey to Cape Town what they are hoping to learn while at the WW IEF, what will they get out of the experience?  and how will you measure if your trip was a success?


by Pat Yongpradit, Guest Blogger,

I want to learn from teachers who are helping their students make the transition from being users of technology to creators of it. I want my students to not just be adept at using technology, but also know how it was made, where it comes from, and how they can manipulate it and adapt it to future needs and desires. I want to learn more about using technology in innovative ways to teach students to innovate technology.  I expect that I will get inspired and make connections with people all over the world, and get more of a worldview of education at the same time.  I will measure whether my trip is a success or not if I can't wait to get back to try new things in my classroom.  I am really hoping to meet some people with projects in computer science so that we can share ideas and I can get an idea of how things are done elsewhere in the world.

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  1. David Onyango says:

    We are back from Cape Town. we have leanrt alot. i have personaly been inspired by all the most innovative work by the teachers from around the world. it was good meeting you guys. i love you. i have learnt a lot.


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