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Well, it's done, 117 graduates on a warm June day in 2010 achieved the impossible. Graduated from a West Philadelphia High School. There were 700 seats in the gym for 117 graduates, and all of them were filled. There was news media, there were reporters, there were happy graduates. I'm still trying to process a very emotional day for me. I'm trying to comprehend what's been accomplished by these youth, and all I can think of right now is how proud I am of them. I've been up since 530, reading the news articles that are posting, some on USA Today, some on other sites, I'm happy that they focused on the kids. As much as people would like for Microsoft to have an opinion about low test scores, and what the district should do, I think the story here is that we supported these kids on a journey that many of them could not have imagined would turn out this way. Many of them had no thoughts of graduation, let alone thoughts of college. As I mentioned before all have an opportunity to attend college. 1 has a full ride to Villanova, another to Mansfield and countless others are on their way to college. We should sit back and let them bask in their moment.


          Eric - Penn State Main Campus         


Eric - CCP Music Production Quetta - my alma mater IUP  Roger - Digital Fellows Program                                     


                                             David - Penn College of Technology

I brought my wife and my son to graduation yesterday; personally, this is a moment in time that I wanted to share with them. Quetta asked to hold my son and a photo was taken, and as I think about Quetta's future at Indiana University of PA and my son's future, I thought to myself, they're going to be okay. If Quetta can achieve the impossible, she'll be an inspiration to my son for sure.


 Quetta and my son.


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