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MultiPoint has arrived! 

I tried to give you a heads up and tell you that it was coming, I tried to give you the inside track on how you could start using MultiPoint Mouse before the news broke, now.... you'll have to get in line with the rest of the world as everyone clamors for Windows MultiPoint Server 2010. In a previous post I mentioned the ability for classroom educators to take ordinary PowerPoint and turn it into a student response ppt. Well, if you read the post and download Mouse Mischief you are no doubt enjoying some of the coolest innovation to start the year off. MultiPoint mouse allows anyone who can make a PowerPoint slide to allow up to 25 people to navigate their own mouse around an interactive PPT presentation. MultiPoint Server furthers that experience by bringing virtualization into the classroom.


Many of you may not be impressed by the ability of MultiPoint Server, you may think that these capabilities have existed all along, but what you may not have known is that the barrier to virtualization thus far has been that your ordinary Technology Coordinator or Teacher Tech lead may not have the necessary skills to implement existing 'virtual' techniques like Terminal Services or Remote Desktop.


In short, MultiPoint allows you to connect multiple monitors, keyboards and mice to a central 'server', but in this case the server is not a complicated, rack mounted, UPS powered beast. It's a desktop machine, or could be, with Windows MultiPoint installed. This allows that particular machine to be the hub for multiple peripherals to be plugged into mini hubs that then connect to MultiPoint Server and allow multiple desktop environments to be run without having towers or physical devices for each connection.


If you haven't heard of MultiPoint and you've arrived at this page in error - click here and learn how you can bring this easy to implement solution into your school!

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