Is it getting cold in here?

I was sitting in my office the other day thinking of different programs that I'm presented with that I can offer to the Educators that infuse project based learning into their curriculum. It reminded me that this summer we spent an entire week with a group from NSDC (National Staff Development Council) going over different strategies and technics. One of the things I remember from that week was the priority placed on engaging learners in ways that they currently get engaged outside of school and that can be through gaming, social networks, or other digital outlets.

The Innovative Teachers Network is always providing educators with the latest in best practices, technology and content in one place and they recently posted this great interactive, project based curriculum called the Climate Mystery.    

 In keeping with true blog tradition, I'm not going to go into depth about what the Climate Mystery is hence the word 'mystery' 🙂 I will say that infuses technology, science and climate change into an interactive website that provides educators with everything they would need to conduct a 16 week lesson, that culminates in the actual COP15 United Nations Summit being held in December.

We had some problems here at School of the Future with the site being blocked due to the 'gaming' nature of the lessons, but luckily I'm working closely with the System Engineer to get permission from the district to unblock the site!

So if you're interested, intrigued, or curious to solve a good mystery read on and login!



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