And so it begins….

The start of the first graduation class from School of the future! There's so much that has been going on since the end of summer and the start of the new year which officially begins September 8th that I don't know where to begin. In the interest of blog etiquette, I'll keep this short as I always intend to do.

Question - how many other schools are spending their summer in professional development? and of those, how many schools conduct relevant student centric PD? I know there are plenty of districts that conduct a lot of training in the summer, but often times it can just be the same old PD. This year our educators worked directly with the National Staff Development Council (NSDC) to develop their own customized summer PD. I have to say, the initial impact that the training provided was phenomenal.

There was a group of educators who spent 3 weeks planning their visit and then all the educators spent 5 days working with members from NSDC onsite to talk about and work through project based curriculum development, project planning and getting their classes and curriculum ready for the start of the new year. They provided hands on group activities that made the educators think about resources and strategies to make them successful, and since we have10 NEW educators this year, getting a leg up on the start of the school year is always a good thing.

They left us with several great resources which you can find on their site above!

 How do you guys do PD in your school? Any suggestions?

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