Let’s cut to the chase…OneNote Classroom Examples from School of the Future

I was updating the links in the previous post so you would be able to download the Handbook and the Toolkit, and then I said "why not share some examples of Educator Notebooks!" So here's the link to my Sky Drive, and in there you'll find the Handbook, Toolkit and examples of Edcuator Notebooks that have proven to be succesful. I have about a dozen of them, but I'll guage everyone's response as to whether or not I need to post more (I'll probably post them anyway!)

 Enjoy! Oh and if you're just learning OneNote here's a little something to show you how to!


Comments (2)

  1. panwhitehead says:

    Where did BOTH these links go? Do you have an alternative place for me to look at this material? Looks fascinating!

    P Whitehead

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