Indispensable Visual Studio Gallery Extensions

A simple list of items no developer should be without. VS 2010 Productivity Tools OData Visualizer VS2010 Code Map RegEx Editor TFS Power Tools Power Commands for VS2010 Visualization and Modeling Feature Pack Application Architecture Guide Layer Diagrams Architecture Layer Patterns Move to Region ReSharper PowerGUIhttp://www.powergui.org WIX Code Contracts Editor

WCF VS Item Template Grabbag

The latest in this series. Here’s a ‘grabbag’ of VS item templates you are welcome to. The set consists of: a custom authorization manager a logging IErrorHandler and attribute to use it with your service WCF Duplex Service WCF One Way Service WCF Streaming Service WCF Untyped Service Files are attached to the blog. Jimmy…

WCF Solution Template

Another in the series of free Visual Studio templates I personally use being posted. This one creates a recomended WCF solution containing Contracts, Commands, Gateway, and Service stubs. In addition, standard items such as IErrorHandler and Authorization Manager are added. Files are attached to the blog. Jimmy Zimms <3 WCF and IExtensableObject<T>.

NUnit Project Template

This is the first in a long line of custom templates that I use on a daily basis. Nothing too fancy, it’s just that they save some of the boilerplate work I have to do. This one allows you to create a new test project with NUnit, Linq, and Moq all set up for you…