Yes you can execute PARAMETERIZED sprocs with EF Fluent API Code Only (and more!)

This is really an add-on to this post here. Turns out most people were only thinking that you could execute SQL strings only as opposed to detailed parameterized SQL statements. That’s not correct. It’s all supported and approved. Scenario 1. Using Parameterized SQL statements So this covers selects as well as invoking sprocs. If you…


A Case for Test Driven Development

Powerpoint outline for a class I used to teach regarding the topic of TDD. Recently was asked by a coworker to use this and decided to share with the world. Download as use as needed for your own training. Written in 2005 and references Visual Studio 2003 but points still hold.


Simple WCF netMsmq Example (or Step 1 to stop reinventing yet another MSMQ clone)

It’s pretty obvious that MSMQ is a bit of a dark art out there. People know it exists, everyone knows someone somewhere that knows a guy who once did something with it, and like practitioners of esoteric arts, the technology is looked upon with distrust. In fact to the point that I see team after…


There’s no kill switch on awesome…

Been meaning to post this for a long while now. Pretty much sums me up 🙂 thanks to Scott Adams and his wonderful wit!


Powershell Automation and Remoting (a c# love story)

OK all of you readers out there should know and love Powershell by now and you are using it constantly, right? If not get on with it! One of the most exciting things that came out of version 2 was the ability to perform remoting. Basically the ability to connect a session to a remote…


Estimating the size a cube

where the set of D is dimensions and the set of M is measures. Let F(x) calculate the number of members and G(x) the size of the member.   Debate.  edit: I should have noted this is the approximation of the size. Depending on storage system there’s obviously overhead to this.


Yes you can execute sprocs with EF Fluent API Code Only

OK let’s make this clear. You can totally call SQL Functions, SQL SPROCS, or any other raw SQL statement and use it in EF Code Only. What you don’t get is automatic or fluent API configuration statements that perform this mapping work for you and by default, no tracking occurs on the materialized objects (though…