Silverlight, Faults, and HTTP Status Codes

So plenty has been written about the mismatch in between the Silverlight browser plug-in and WCF messaging with fault use cases over HTTP. For those of you that didn’t know about this then here’s your chance to catchup: According to the documentation, SOAP faults are not supported in the WCF client implementation for Silverlight (even…


Using reflection to determine if an event is static

So if you happen to have an EventInfo class and need to determine if the event is static or instance, it isn’t actually immeidately clear if this is supported. Most of the MemberInfo basic types expose a property named IsStatic that indicates if this member is static or not. If you’ve ever worked with the…


Interested in POCO Entity Framework 4?

Editorial note: EF 4.1 was released as part of the .Net 4 Platform Update 1 release. You should use the information at for training now. For those of you interested in POCO In EF4, here’s a list of links that you should read to grok: And if you are…


Making exception messages meaningful

Now that’s a great exception message. I think we all can take a clue from the Castle team when it comes to making exceptions meaningful. Instead of next time effectively saying “something went wrong” with our exceptions, really spell out exactly why it went bad and if possible, how to correct it.   Big ups to…


Modifying ASP.Net Providers at Runtime

How to add providers at runtime programmatically So if you are like me, you are a fan of not reinventing the wheel. This is especially true of components like Membership, Roles, Authentication, Personalization and whatnot. While I take some issue with the choice of API and can think of many improvements that should be made,…


Unit Testing Repositories, a rebuttal. Or "How to use proper decoupling to unit test the repository pattern"

For primers, you need to read this post first: So the other day I received an email from a group that I am assisting in understanding TDD, Test Concepts, and Separation of Concerns, and they asked, “Is this relevant”? Well here’s the reply to them. Relevant: Yes and no.There’s some good conversation going on…


Indispensable Visual Studio Gallery Extensions

A simple list of items no developer should be without. VS 2010 Productivity Tools OData Visualizer VS2010 Code Map RegEx Editor TFS Power Tools Power Commands for VS2010 Visualization and Modeling Feature Pack Application Architecture Guide Layer Diagrams Architecture Layer Patterns Move to Region ReSharper PowerGUIhttp://www.powergui.org WIX Code Contracts Editor


Yet Another WCF Service Instance Provider

So here’s a lightweight handy WCF service instance provider that takes a slightly different approach than most of what we’ve seen so far. Usually most people want to use an IInstanceProvider implementation to work with their DI container of choice. Common examples would be the integration of Castle, StructureMap, or Unity with WCF to allow…


DataServices, IErrorHandlers, Exceptions and the Gulf between them.

OK I am going to let you in on a dirty little secret about Astoria based services. This secret is probably not even known to you. Ready to hear it? Really? Well here it is:  You’d better never have anything go wrong as you’ll never know it. It devours exceptions and is hungry for more!…