So what would this actually take?

This is a followup on my followup here.

After rapping some with Alex I was thinking about what an expression would look like on the wire, provided it has limited capabilities allowed such as

  • F(G(K(x))) = y
  • F(G( [K(x) strict subset {attribute}] )) = y where selector was evaluated as some XPath perhaps?


In addition, the "combinator" capability I feel would be required to be another WSDL that a service could support (yes let us not forget one endpoint can service many actions from many WSDLs thank you =P)

Anyone have any other ideas on what makes sense in a combinatorial fashion we'd like to see?

I've already started playing around with a simple IQueryProvider to support #1 today. If anything comes of if I'll be sure to post the code.

Jimmy Zimms is being watched as his development ego comes crashing down around him as he slowly goes (more) insane on this topic

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