Visual Studio Launch: Bangkok (pre-game edition)

Sawatdee Khrup! So I arrived in Thailand for Visual Studio Launch which will be in BecTero Hall here in Bangkok on Tuesday morning (tomorrow as I write this).  I hope to see all of our Thai developers there.  I spent the morning getting ready for a presentation and waiting for the torrential downpour to finally…


Profiling FAQ #7: What does the column name X mean?

UPDATE: msdn2 seems to be flaking on this… I stuck a msn cached version below.   I just noticed that the Visual Studio Profiler docs are up on msdn2.  Here’s a good list of what each column means in English.


Profiling FAQ #6: Why does the profiler say Foo calls Bar, when I know it doesn’t!

Here’s another fun one from the internal support alias. When you profile with the VS Profiler, you are profiling the Release version of your code (I hope!). As you know from having debugged Release code in the past, sometimes things get a little funky. Well, a good rule of thumb is that anything that is…


Meltdown Profiler Tips and Tricks Talk Details

Online registration for the Meltdown DirectX conference ends tomorrow July 22. I tried my best to target this talk to the Game Developer. If you are a grizzled veteran perf guy, I’m going to show you how to get the most out of our tool with advanced features and scenarios. If you are just getting…


Profiling FAQ #5: Why are there two copies of my function in Instrumentation mode function report?

The most common reason for this to occur in Instrumentation mode is that the dll you instrumented is appearing in two different processes. We don’t aggregate data from multiple processes. You can see this easily by using vsperfreport.exe -summary:function foo.vsp. If you get foo_1234_FunctionSummary.CSV and foo_5678_FunctionSummary.CSV, that just means your instrumented dlls were loaded in…


Speaking at MS Meltdown about the VS Profiler

I’m speaking at the Microsoft Meltdown 2005 conference at the end of the month. The topic is tips and tricks for using the Visual Studio Profiler. Since this is a game developer audience, I’m going to try to tailor this talk to your needs and go in to how to do some more advanced stuff…


Public Chat: This Wednesday

Hey folks.  We have a public chat scheduled for tomorrow.  I just checked the schedule and we have a bunch of the devs, testers, PMs, who are responsible for the dev and test skus of Team System signed up to be on for tomorrow’s chat.  If you’ve never tried it before I think this would be a good…


Doing My Part to Destroy MSFT Productivity

I had to help a high school kid solve this problem yesterday.  It’s pretty interesting I think.I sent it around the team and people seemed to enjoy it so here you go.  (In the old days, I would have saved this puzzle for an interview question, but pure puzzle questions are discouraged now.) A census…


Offtopic: Memorial Day BBQ Grill Suggestion

Total tangent here, but I just made a really great meal and I must blog about it. Side Dish: Roasted Grape Tomatoes Directions:1) Grab a pint or so of grape tomatoes.  They have them at Costco out here, but I’ve seen them in supermarkets.  In a pinch, use cherry tomatoes.  2) Brush liberally with extra…