SharePoint Development Tools

For those doing Visual Studio development for SharePoint, you really have to check out the STSDEV tool on CodePlex.  Ted Pattison and friends have done a really good job here.  This tool generates class library project files while automating may of the tasks routinely required during development and deployment.  I love the Retract Solution option. …


Take SharePoint Content Offline

If you need a solution like this that works great and is very inexpensive…..duh it’s free (at least at this time)…..then check this out. </steve>   Colligo Reader enables you to easily download content from SharePoint sites to your laptop – so you can access the content offline, rather than having to copy files one…


Extranet Collaboration Toolkit for SharePoint

The Extranet Collaboration Toolkit for SharePoint is a new Solution Accelerator being developed by Microsoft.  Currently in beta, this toolkit provides you with best practices and tools to securely collaborate with your customers, suppliers, and partners-across the Internet.  Taken from the article: The Problem When you look around, it is easy to see that how…


Managing Site Collections: new STSADM command

Have you ever wanted to move a site collection from one content database to different content database?  Or if you’re not a merger you might be a splitter.  Well, neatly tucked away inside the recent security hotfix is the new STSADM command mergecontentdbs.  I used this recently with a customer that wanted to nip and…


Tools for Troubleshooting: Windows Sysinternals

Recall, Microsoft acquired Sysinternals in July, 2006.  I was a big fan of Sysinternal’s toolset and the good news it is still getting better.  If you’re an admin or developer, these tools will help you manage, troubleshoot and diagnose problems. I currently use Process Explorer, Handle, BgInfo and Zoomit.  Go check things out. </steve>

Visual Studio Extensions for WSS is Updated

VSeWSS has been revised and a new CTP is available here.  For those not familiar with VSeWSS, you can start here or here. </steve>


Tools for the Graphics Design Challenged

Yes, I belong to this illustrious group.  On numerous occasions I’ve been browsing and came across a Web page that had some excellent color scheme combinations and I wanted to know what the specific colors were so I could reuse.  Well, I got a tip from Heather about a really cool and free tool called Color…

MOSS Search Manager

A new site I came across, some cool stuff worth checking out.  Download the MOSS Search Manager tool. </steve>

Getting Strong Names for SharePoint Assemblies

Yesterday I was working with a colleague deploying a custom activity to be used by SPD.  I noticed he was using copy and paste to get the public key token from the Windows Explorer view of the GAC.  I told him that this was really lame and he should expand his horizons….I said that he…


WCM Authoring using NON-IE Browsers

Cross-browser rich text editor for SharePoint 2007 Who said there is no free lunch, or free editor???  Well, this is definitely a deal you can’t pass up.  If you are using the WCM features of MOSS, then you definitely need to go grab this tool: r.a.d.editor for SharePoint 2007.   As you probably know, the…