Do you like to go deep on security topics?

If so, then you need to check out this new blog.  The only danger is that you’ll go so deep you won’t come back…….hum, maybe I’ll send some folks I know there…. <updated when=”Jan042008″>Here is some other stuff that may also be very valuable. “How Do I?” Videos for Security </updated> </steve>

Future Authentication Path for SharePoint Technology

For a non-Microsoft POV, check out the kind of things being considered.  For an official position, I’d watch for future posts on the SharePoint Team blog. Microsoft switching SharePoint to claims-based authentication </steve>

Securing Office 2007 Desktop Apps

2007 Microsoft Office Security Guide …The 2007 Microsoft Office Security Guide provides IT professionals with best practices and automated tools to help strengthen the security of computers that run either Windows Vista™ or Windows® XP SP2 and Office 2007 desktop applications… </steve>

SharePoint: Managing Users and Security

A white paper that may be of interest to those administrators just getting started with SharePoint written by Bamboo Solutions. </steve>


MOSS Customization

A really good example of utilizing multiple tools: MOSS, BDC, InfoPath, Forms Server, SharePoint Designer, Workflow and VSTO.   Creating a Custom User Site Provisioning Solution with SharePoint Server 2007 (Part 1 of 2)   Creating a Custom User Site Provisioning Solution with SharePoint Server 2007 (Part 2 of 2)   You can download the…


MOSS Security

This white paper was just published; it provides an introduction to the MOSS security model for those who are interested.  From the article: IntroductionIn order for a web application to exist in today’s business environment, it must stand up to modern day information security standards. Additionally, organizations maintain their own sets of information security policies,…

MOSS and Kerberos Deployment

During a recent POC, I was reminded (again) that the double-hop problem is a thorn in the side.  For those living on another planet or a big rock and haven’t heard or experieced the double-hop, basically this occurs when our SharePoint page (or Web parts on the page) attempts to access resources on a server different from the SharePoint Web server. …


SharePoint, Best Bets and Security Trimming

Last week, a customer came to me with a security trimming issue they were experiencing.  Users were seeing search results that they didn’t have permission to see.  Fortunately, they were denied access when they tried to access the information from the link in the search results.   I had personally not experienced it but it…