Viacom Goes MOSS

Go check out their MOSS internet site.  MOSS also powers their intranet as well. </steve>

MOSS Internet Sites

The list continues to grow…check it out and this one too. </steve>


MOSS Internet and Extranet Collaboration

For those thinking or planning on this kind of a deployment, there is a new tool you should check out.  I know the folks that put this together and they are top notch. </steve> Extranet Collaboration Manager for SharePoint 2007    Extranet collaboration (i.e. collaboration with individuals outside your organization) poses unique challenges for SharePoint…


SharePoint 2007 Internet Facing Sites : Part 5

The list continues to grow rapidly.  See my last blog for references and a very recent blog by Lawrence that summarizes quite a few new ones. Merry Christmas!! </steve>

SharePoint 2007 Internet Facing Sites : Part 4 a SharePoint 2007 site??  If you’ve keeping up with the previous parts, then you’ll know that the number of folks deploying SharePoint 2007 for hosting their internet sites is increasing.  I’ve been highlighting a few of them in this blog. Well, have you checked out the new site?  Guess what??, yep it’s migrating to…


SharePoint 2007 Internet Facing Sites : Part 3

Yep, more are popping up all the time.  Part 2 and Part 1 also show other sites, which definitely were created using pre-RTM bits.  Since MOSS has been released, I expect to see many more.  Cmon, jump on the train. Culminis   Satama    SpeakTech   If you can speak Chinese, check out this one…